• How to get a trophy wife when you’re single

    Get a Trophy Wife

    4. April 2020 admin

    Why are affairs and relationships with younger women so irresistible for men once they reach a certain age? Especially in the social circles of successful and influential men, it is quite common to get a trophy wife later on. Usually this happens at a point in life where a man may have a successful career…

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  • Trophy Girlfriend

    Trophy Girlfriend

    14. March 2020 admin

    Successful career men often get bored of their longterm relationships or marriages when they are older. It is simply no easy task to maintain a regular relationship when you work a lot. Partners can be demanding, and many successful businessmen find it difficult to balance work and love. If a man wants to build a…

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  • Why men love having an affair with a younger woman

    Affair With a Younger Woman

    17. February 2020 admin

    If you want to have an affair with a younger woman, there are a few things you should bet in mind. As the word already suggests, most men and women want to keep a low profile when they have an affair. After all, the fun starts with a naughty secret, so let’s take a lot…

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  • Why I exclusively date generous guys

    Date Generous

    13. January 2020 msdredaktion

    We all have different objectives in life, and choosing the right partner often plays an important role in it. No matter what type of man you are attracted to: My personal advice would always be to consider what he can bring to your life. Personally I would not settle with an average Joe simply for…

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  • Going on a sugar date - the pros and cons

    Going on a Sugar Date

    14. December 2019 msdredaktion

    For a growing number of attractive young females, going on a sugar date has become a popular alternative to regular dating. The principle is easy: Find a rich, very generous sugar daddy and make him spoil and pamper you on dates. Why women enjoy going on a sugar date Especially those women living in big…

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  • Men who know how to overcome age differences live happier relationships

    How to Overcome Age Differences

    21. November 2019 msdredaktion

    Men who go out with significantly younger women often wonder how to overcome age differences in a relationship. Depending on the number of years that lie between you and your partner, you may sometimes feel like you live on a different planet. Indeed the age can be a challenge for any relationship, but it does…

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